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Swing by Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts and see for yourself how inspiring you can be! We’re much more than just a martial arts facility. Our beautiful Japanese-style dojo was designed by a professional architect to help capture the warm and inviting atmosphere enjoyed by our students.

Whether you’re looking for training in self-defense, functional strength development, or intense and demanding martial arts skills, you’ll find classes to suit any of your personal goals. Since we opened our doors in 1998, we’ve had countless students from all walks of life enter and become a part of our community. Our students mainly hail from Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham North Carolina, but our unique martial art brings others from much farther to study with us. Come start with us today, wherever you are, and amaze yourself with how far you can go.

We primarily teach To-Shin Do Ninja martial arts, the 1200 year old Japanese martial art of the legendary Ninja warriors. We have Ninjutsu classes for everyone, from four- to seven-year olds (the Mighty Dragons), youth, and adults of all ages, from beginner to expert.

Throughout the day, you also have the opportunity to take intense classes in kickboxing "Quest Kick", power and strength conditioning "Quest Fit", and "Women's Self-Defense" designed for practical everyday life scenarios. But don’t worry if you’re just starting out! Our instructors love finding the right level of challenge appropriate to a student's fitness needs. What sets us apart is the individual approach we take with each student.

Please take your time browsing our web site, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call at (919) 489-8893!

Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts welcomes people of any age, culture, religion, race, gender, political belief, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status who share our commitment to safe and effective martial arts training in a strong community.


Class Information

From Adult and Youth Ninjutsu to
QuestFit and QuestKick, we have the class
to help you Unleash Your Potential!

Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts offers various classes to help you Unleash Your Potential. With a broad schedule to fit the needs of each student, you are sure to find a class that is convenient.

Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts' core classes are Adult Ninjutsu, Youth Ninjutsu, Mighty Dragons (ages 4-7), and our Quest Fit program. We also offer private lessons, and be sure to check out our list of upcoming special events!


Class Schedule

Variety and Flexibility is never
an issue with a diverse class schedule.

If you have any questions about the schedule, please give us a call!

Prospective Students: the classes listed as “white/ yellow/ blue” are the beginning level Ninjutsu classes for ages 7 and up. The classes in the afternoon have both youth and adults, and the classes after 5:45pm are primarily taught to (but not restricted to) adults.

We have a regular "Week 1" through "Week 4" monthly training schedule for our regular classes. On Mondays, we have a rotating schedule for our 8pm class. (Please refer to announcements for Week 5 classes.)

Monday 8PM:

Week 1: Meditation

Week 2: Ground Flow

Week 3: Randori

Week 4: Weapons

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Upcoming Events

What's Happening.
Expand your training. Extend your experience.


Mountain Quest: August 12-14, 2016

MOUNTAIN QUEST 2016: GUARDIANS OF THE LEGACY This year at Mountain Quest we will be examining the To-Shin Do legacy and honing the essence of our tradition. We will be hosting a one of a kind Yamabushi Mountain Warrior meditation experience on Friday with An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes, followed by a full weekend of training with An-Shu and some of To Shin Do's most accomplished practitioners. The seminar will begin Friday morning with an all day Yamabushi Mountain Warrior experience. This year we will focus on deepening our connection with nature in a hiking and meditation experience you will not want to miss. After the Yamabushi Meditation, instruction will begin with a Friday evening training session. Saturday will be a full day of training followed by evening black belt demonstrations and evaluations. Sunday will conclude with a powerful immersion in the Dragon's Mouth, the fear banishing waterfall hidden on the edge of the mountain. Breakout sessions to look forward to this year include Tameshigiri sword cutting and glow shuriken tournament.

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    Sunday: Special Events